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BeepBeep Nation is "The Mother Of All Apps" as it does what many other proven apps do, but it does them cheaper, or free or better - and in one single app.

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The ready BeepBeep Nation app will be launched within weeks after the ICO ends.

em i nent

Meaning “respected”; and as an attribute of a person, it represents a positive quality that is noticeable. EMINENT is what BeepBeep Nation users should aspire to be when they use the app.

BeepBeep Nation requestors can offer to pay helpers a Gratitude Tip for help rendered. To make the payment cashless, seamless and more convenient for users, the EMINENT (EMN) token will be created.


Helpers who provide their time, skills and knowledge to requestors upon being asked certainly have high positive qualities. Certain helpers could even be famous and respected within their particular sphere – and if they’re not yet there, BeepBeep Nation could be the catalyst for them to aspire to be so.


We will be adding an e-wallet to the BeepBeep Nation app to enable users to store their EMINENT tokens which they can use to pay other helpers, or purchase any product or services in the BeepBeep Nation app.


Requestors can send Gratitude Tips to their helpers by simply tapping a single button, without needing to know the helpers’ public key to their e-wallet, once help are rendered by the helpers. This saves the requestors from having to request for the Helpers’ QR code, or public key address, or online banking details.


As the BeepBeep Nation app grows its user base, the EMINENT token will be used more and more and will increase in value over time.

Both requestors and helpers are able to increase their Beep Rank and receive verified status, giving them the ability to perform secure transactions with their accounts by staking EMN tokens in their accounts. By staking their tokens, requestors can get preferential services.

Transactions can be settled in the form of EMN tokens and are done between the parties themselves. This is a form of escrow and secured payment method. In the event there is a dispute between a requestor and helper, this amount can be clawed back and returned to the requestor if it is determined the helper is at fault.

BeepBeep Nation will encourage payment in EMN tokens for all services, in a B2C or B2B environment at a 10% - 50% discount, valued at a market value on major exchanges that EMN tokens will be listed on.

Token Models

Reward Engines

Referral Programme

Conflict Resolution

Rewarding Power Users

Free credits will be rewarded to first time users and when they refer a new user to sign up.

Users will be randomly selected to judge disputes between requestors and helpers, in exchange for rewards. Only users with high ratings and verified status will be chosen for this task.

The top tier 5% of verified users will be rewarded with EMN Coins on a regular basis, based on the number of requests sent out, and the number of requests they respond to.

Other Profit Centers


Classified Ads



Users can choose to receive beeps in locations he is NOT in. Subscriptions can start at a low rate per month to receive beeps in up to 3 other locations that the user is not in.

Users can pay to advertise their items for sale or for items wanted. Their ads will be seen only by those in the locations chosen.

We will carry a range of merchandise for sale, including digital and physical products. Users can buy items related to the BeepBeep Nation concept.

The BeepBeep Nation blog is updated regularly with articles and opinions on things that matter to our users. It can carry advertisements from advertisers.

Get Tokens



Eminent Token (EMN)




156,250,000 EMN

(Inclusive of bonus tokens)


125,000,000 EMN






USD0.25 per EMN



We have raised USD500,000 from angel investors to build the app, which is now ready for launch after the ICO.


We’re raising further funds with the ICO to market the app, starting in the US.


Here is how the funds will be used:


App Development





Core Team

Sen Ze has a LL.B (Hons) law degree from the University of Buckingham, UK. He then received his “Barrister-at-Law” postgraduate qualification from Lincoln’s Inn (UK).


He practiced law for a few years, before joining a company offering business consultancy to SMEs with a heavy focus on technology and the Internet, way back in 1995. He was the CEO of its Internet marketing division.


He has started companies selling his own products and services via the Internet to a global customer base, over the years, starting in 1999. He has also authored multiple best-selling books on internet entrepreneurship, social media marketing, mobile marketing and entrepreneurship in general, starting in 2003.

Sen Ze

Co-Founder, CEO

Samuel has a double degree, B.B.A in Accounting and Management, from Evangel University in the US.


He has years of experience as an auditor and liquidator. He has also been the CEO of a Trustee company.


He is a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Family Office Specialist.

Samuel Sham


Jelson has a B.Sc in Computer Science from Liverpool John Moores University in UK.


He has extensive experience in computer systems analysis, design and development.


Jelson has done work for clients in the banking and financial industry, specialising in internet banking systems and cash management systems.

Jelson Low


Charles Wong started his Digital Agency in 2009 when social media was starting to permeate our lives more and more. He generates leads for his various clients, converts them into customers, and gets attendees to events through the use of social media. He has vast experience in managing a portfolio of over 100 clients from new startups to SMEs to established brands, including Red Bull, Thomas Sabo, Jaspal, Vistage and more, and in the property, food and beverage, e-commerce and events industries.

Charles Wong



Miikka Saloseutu is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Internet industry.   He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce Optimization, Sales, Initial Coin Offerings, Crypto Currencies and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.   He is also the founder of IcoTokenNews.com. He has his own internet marketing company Triplex Trading OU, which specializes in highly targeted SEO based affiliate marketing in the financial space.

Miikka Saloseutu

Márcio Teruel started his soccer career in 2003 in Brazil. He played as a striker with teams in Brazil, El Salvador, Serbia, Malta, Bahrain, Indonesia and Ecuador. With a keen interest in blockchain projects that advance humanity and technological innovation, Márcio has worked with projects like CriptoHub, Verasity, Yondo, Zealeum, KwhCoin, Stronghands, Digibyte and others, gaining valuable insights and connections in this space.

Márcio Teruel

A serial entrepreneur and growth hacker, Thomason founded maiDan and within 3 years, Rocket internet acquired maiDan. He then joined them to develop its corporate business in Asia for their new venture Foodpanda. He then co-founded Nosh, after which Alibaba became a primary investor. Thomason is now CEO and co-founder of Deltamine, a cryptocurrency data center that uses renewable energy for its operations.

Thomason Chan

Nizam is a Partner and Head of the Financial Services Practice of RHT Law Taylor Wessing in Singapore. He has advised global companies on ICOs or token-generating events in Singapore, cryptocurrency exchanges as well as other cryptocurrency intermediaries. Nizam is also a Fellow at Singapore University of Social Studies, where he focuses on cryptocurrency regulations, as well as Chairman of the Regulatory Sub-Committee of ACCESS, a cryptocurrency and blockchain association in Singapore.

Nizam Ismail

Christopher Lee is one of the top e-commerce entrepreneurs in Singapore. He has been running his online business since 2002. He owns 3 companies, one of which is RNC Limited, an online Health and Wellness company. RNC formulates, manufactures and sells 150 products globally through its e-commerce websites and on multiple online marketplaces which include Amazon, Jet, Walmart and eBay. Christopher is also heavily invested in  cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain solutions and a crypto fund management firm.

Christopher Lee

Jeremy Khoo is an international business operator, founder and blockchain entrepreneur who has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies. He is currently Group CEO of iFashion - a leading regional retail enabler and conglomerate.


iFashion and its subsidiaries have raised multiple investment rounds from venture capitalists up to Series B. It was acquired by MC Payment for $23 million and Jeremy will be co-leading the combined push for a public listing on the SGX in 2018.


Jeremy co-founded retail blockchain MegaX which conducted its own token sale and deployed the cryptocurrency for use in the retail eco-system. He is also a Partner and Principal Consultant in Novum Capital and Enblockr and advises and builds exciting blockchain projects such as Consentium, Spiking, Bountie, Viola, Vanig and W Pay.

Jeremy Khoo


Fuel For The BeepBeep Nation App

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